Tuesday, December 6, 2016

PM101 U6: Workshop



INTRODUCTION: This workshop is meant to be partly online (across several weeks) and partly face to face, the workshop proper. The question now on the table is to set out how such schedules are to be created and effected.


 Obviously, the workshop's information-based initial phases can be carried out across several weeks online, based on arranged registration, using bulletin boards for discussion [much easier to regulate than blogs . . . trolls, unfortunately are a fact of life]. Then, as we take up assignments to prepare concept notes and presentations for same, we can set up a face to face workshop.

As an idea for arranging its timetable, perhaps this MVAT Kit launch seminar schedule may help:

The idea here is that there is a travel and registration day, with a keynote and official opening on day 1. Of course, if travel is not a big issue, the keynote can be arranged for early in the day (if appropriate, to catch the daily news cycle) with registration to follow. Which, can be as simple as filling in a sheet with details and cross checking on payment or sponsorship, plus distribution of workshop packs of documents, paper, souvenirs etc.

( Of course, if there is a keynote address of newsworthy significance and/or the media are participants, a press kit should be distributed to media participants.)

It is recommended that if there is an element of community mobilisation involved,  there should be public, free evening sessions that have a somewhat promotional and issues character, issuing in a final declaration and call to action.

Likewise, a one- [or, if there is a long weekend, two-] day summary session (that can use people who have been in the daily technical sessions as co-presenters) can be used for a general appreciation-level "taster" workshop-in-the-workshop. Attendees should be issued a statement of participation for this. It is at the end of this workshop that the public declaration and call for action should be finalised and officially adopted by motion then issued.

During the daily sessions, technical issues can be addressed, a survey of the substance of this course can be delivered, and there can be presentation of assignments, with peer review using feedback forms.

Those who attend the technical sessions should be given an option of certificates of participation, and certificates of achievement for presentations and following up with revision of concept notes based on feedback. If funds are available, perhaps several of the best can be taken forward as project proposals and awarded as projects to be implemented under a small projects scheme.

Tailored content

Obviously, the main generic substance of this workshop is in the five units U1 - 5. 

However, depending on the specifics of a situation, tailored and additional contents can be arranged. In such a case, the certificates of participation and achievement should carry a dual branding. (This will require discussions with human resources and/or executives.)

Tailoring will require additional preparation and perhaps adaptations.

Onward work

There are now several possible project management professional certification schemes, of which PRINCE2 is probably the best suited to Caribbean circumstances.